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[Eleventh Song.]

Lala has been singing in the Amusement Park all this time! The people seems to like it and she's really happy for it! A good sir gave Lala some money for all her work and she wants to share it with everybody in the crew!

Yoruichi! Lala got this for you to help you feel better!

And I have another one for Nill!


Tenth Song. [Video]

[You see Lala looking in the distance, like thinking about something. The sea was really pretty and she thought it would be nice to sing a song. And she begins to sing with her beautiful voice.]


[She seems to not notice that the video is on.]

Lala is strong...

[ooc: Lyrics here!]

Ninth Song [Video]

[The camera is placed so it can be seen the pretty sky. Lala seems to be visible looking the sky and admiring it. When suddenly, a shooting star appears.]

How pretty... The sky is really pretty...

A wish...

There! I hope it can be true someday.

Seventh Song ♣

Lala wants to thank you all for helping her when she was sad! It really means a lot for me, and I want to do something for all of you.

Lala is back on the Lady Justice now. I got a bit lost while coming back, but it's alright now. I promise not to worry anyone like that again!

In my way back, I found this.

I will send one of them to everybody!

Sixth Song [Accidental Video Post]

[You can see Lala in, what it seems to be, a small island. If she could cry, she would be doing it right now. But now, she is alone and hugging her legs tightly.]

Why did they leave Lala....?

[ooc: She's refering to Tashigi and Tsuzuki. And I'm back since my internet died some days ago DX!]

[Fifth Song] ► Accidental Video Post ◄

[She has been in her room all this time since she saw Tashigi is a girl and since Mun's RL kidnapped her. Mostly because she didn't know what to do and because she feels like she can't protect anyone.

So, as always, she is singing for herself. A song for her ownself. Even if she never noticed that the machine was recording her.]


Fourth Song.

A-ah, it seems that what we lived was not real... But, even if the time was short, I feel incredible loved. So thank you, Roxas and Pearl, because you two made Lala feel so happy to be a mother.

And thanks to Matt for saying so many kind things to me. I want to sing for you anytime.

Tsuzuki, please don't feel bad. We can talk if you want and I promise to make you feel better!

If anoyone wants, I can sing a song to cheer people up.

Third Song

Roxas! Pearl! Are you two alright? Mama can sing you two a song if you want!

Matt, I am happy that you are around!

[Audio] # Second Song

[It seems Lala is singing again.]

Please, this song... this has to help somehow.

Lala doesn't want to see people sad. Her songs have to help them in a way.



Tashigi... Can you come to see Lala?